With so many Jewish Organizations in our area, we encourage you to become part of our Community by simply visiting or contacting any of our Community Partners (below) for more information. In true Southern tradition, everyone will be made to feel truly welcome.


As you explore our Community, always feel free to express your thoughts and opinions. As the saying goes, ‘If you have two Jews together, you’ll be hearing three opinions.’



The Jewish Community of WNC makes a vital difference in Jewish lives in our area, providing a safety net of assistance with a full range of social services. Jewish Family Services of WNC (JFSWNC) is our lead Community Partner agency working with those in need. Their support work is always confidential: In the manner of Maimonides, neither the recipients nor the donors know of each other.



Because we’re stronger together, we connect Jews from different generations and backgrounds to celebrate our shared history. Together, we’re building a vibrant sense of Community, giving people of all ages access to Jewish experiences — and to each other.


The Jewish Leadership Collaborative of WNC (JLC-WNC) is the Community Partner providing strategic oversight for the Jewish Community of WNC. This website, developed by the JLC-WNC expands the OneJewishAsheville website to include all of Western North Carolina. 


Carolina Jews for Justice / West Chapter and the Lotte Myerson Tikkun Olam Committee of Beth HaTephila work to bring good deeds to our Community. The Community Relations Council, currently facilitated by the Jewish Community Center (JCC), works to combat anti-Semitism in our schools.



From schools to camps to synagogues, from Israel trips to cultural events, the Jewish Community of WNC is woven into the very fabric of everyday life here. Every community member, no matter their interests, affiliation, neighborhood, or orientation can find fun, inspiration and opportunities for growth — via formal and informal Jewish education experiences.


Our many Congregations and the Asheville Jewish Community Center (JCC) all work to promote our Jewish experience — as does the North Carolina Hillel, at our regional centers of Higher Learning.  Both the University of North Carolina – Asheville (UNCA) and Appalachian State University (ASU) include centers dedicated to Jewish learning.

Our Community Partners

*Community Partner Organizations, please send any updates or corrections to Website Update. 

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